The ATX Fried Chicken Fest

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It gives me great joy to announce to you the launching of a new endeavor. Beginning on June 2, Halim and I and a player to be named later will be embarking on a quest to find the BEST fried chicken in Austin, Texas.

For the next 10 weeks, we will visit various locations and grade them out according to a standard that we have predetermined.

Updates will be made on this blog as well as on Twitter. For Twitter updates, please follow @TysonColinJoe and @haliminator. Trend #ATXChicken

Chicken will be graded into 1 of 4 categories and then averaged out.

Grades are:

Out of Control
Yeah Yeah
Sit Down and Enjoy
Drive Thru Worthy
Stank Nasty.

I could get into the criteria such as batter consistency and crunch…but it’s too extensive. You’re going to have to trust us.Meadow Vale Southern Fried Chicken


2:54 Musings

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It’s 2:54 AM and I’m leading worship in TeenRock tomorrow (Courrier’s in Houston this weekend). You would think that it would be a good idea for me to get a good night’s sleep. I agree…hence the reason I went to bed before midnight. But alas, here I am…wide awake.

And I’m SHOCKED at the spectrum of thoughts that I’ve had running through my head all of this time.

Example 1 – Jed Bartlett (West Wing) vs. David Palmer (24). Who would America elect for real?

Example 2 – The Transformers aren’t to scale. Bumblebee is a Ford Thunderbird which fits in a garage. When he transforms, he’s as big as the house. Explain that Hasbro.

Fedex Fail

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I should have learned my lesson. Memories of 2003 are bouncing around in my brain when I used FEDEX to ship off the final artwork for my CD.

I got a call from Los Angeles from the place that was doing the work two days later saying that they hadn’t received the package.

Called FEDEX to find out that it had been delivered (a day late) and that the person who had signed for it was named…”Front Door.”

Forget that I paid extra for overnight. Forget that I had paid for a signature confirmation. Forget that I had insured it. All of that apparently meant, “Just deliver this important package that for all intents and purposes is priceless to me, whenever you want and just leave it on their front door if no one’s there to sign for it.”

All of this to say, it’s 9AM on a Monday morning and I’m going to be late getting to the office because FEDEX doesn’t know that overnight from Wednesday is actually Thursday and not Monday.

I’m just saying.

Choose USPS / UPS / Carrier Pigeons for your shipping needs.

Use extreme caution when operating heavy machinery…

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On Tuesday, I was feeling the symptoms of a cold. Knowing that I was preaching on Sunday and needed to still recover from a long Easter weekend, I got nervous and took Nyquil in hopes that it would knock me out thus allowing me to sleep through the night.

At 12:32, for some odd reason, I was completely awake. It was then that my friend and yours Jeff Mangum offered the following instruction:

“Dude, open up a Word Document and just start typing.”

Game on.

The following is the result of my Nyquil induced rant: Note – the TITLE – the word “line” clearly means “lawn.” First clue.

An ode to my line.

I feel as though, my backyard is representative of the human condition. A condition so far removed from healthy nourishment and vibrant color, that it begs the question, was there ever life here before?

I submit there was. Every few feet or so, a glimmer of hope stands tall in the form of green grass. The eternal optimist in me says that such a beacon of hope is evidence of a turnaround, but the realist in me says that such a false hope can only lead to further destruction.

Is it not an already sad state of affairs? What can save it?




Perhaps, an abandonment of the old and an ushering of the new. A healing…or birthing?


Is it healing or birthing?

When a limb is removed to prevent infection from spreading, is that healing? I would say no.

It’s surely not birthing?

What’s the word then? Fixing?

Fixing would necessitate a paradigm shift, but “Fixing my lawn” carries a sardonic, somewhat sarcastic tone as if to say it requires a “fixer.”

My knowledge of a fixer somehow immediately went to my knowledge of the Mafia. The fixer is the guy who says,
“I’m gonna take care of it.” This phrase cannot be construed as anything close to the meaning that conjures up maternal care. Imagine Vito Corleone saying he’s going to take care of something. That is the tone.

Vito…fix my lawn.

Important Announcement

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My blog will be content-less for the next few days. I can’t find the words to express my love of the cross and my awe for the empty tomb.

Dwell on these thoughts and we’ll talk soon.

Change and the fear of change

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My office has been rearranged. Is this representative of something bigger happening in my life…I’m not sure, but in the past 24 hours the idea of embracing change has become all the more real. (NOTE: If you look at my mobile uploads, you’ll see a photo diary of the progression of my office)

Despite the relative fluidity and randomness that I have grown accustomed to in my daily routine, I’ve realized in my oldish age that I’ve become a creature of habit.

I have things in certain places. I have my day planned out to the T, and I even keep the pens that I use in a specific order so I know which one has the most ink at any given time. (Some of you are questioning my sanity right now and the rest of you are saying, “What’s weird about that?”)

I give you 2 Chronicles 14. The passage tells of King Asa, who at the beginning of his reign does good in the sight of the Lord. The Lord grants him a period of peace and prosperity in the land which in those times was a rare treat. After all, the kings before Asa were riddled with countless wars and unceasing instability in the region.

But Asa has peace.

What does he do?

vs. 6 And he built fortified cities in Judah since the land was undisturbed.

It goes on to say that Asa went to work and built up his strongholds, fortified the weak points, and shored up the areas that needed shoring up. The man did his due diligence and used his time of peace to have purpose.

A few verses later, the Ethiopians roll into town with ONE MILLION people (I’m not exaggerating…it says ONE MILLION), and Asa has no trouble sending them packing.

All this to say, I’ve learned to use the times of peace not only to organize but fortify. Whether these plans manifest themselves through excessive organization or not (depending on the person), the key word here is fortify. Am I being grounded in the Word and seeking the face of God in the good times? Am I constantly looking to be refined in areas of my life that may need shoring up?

If the answer is yes, then know for certain that when an army of ONE MILLION rolls into town, or change appears to be looming, you’re ready.

Something Special…

•February 10, 2009 • 2 Comments

Yesterday, there was a moment in TeenRock where I turned and looked at Austin Jones and mouthed, “Wow.”

What a morning we had.

From the opening chord until the closing announcement, the students worshipped with reckless abandon and I’m not doing that youth pastor thing where I just brag on my kids. If I walked in off the street to the scene on Sunday morning, I would have thought…REVIVAL.

The reason this is all noteworthy is that there wasn’t anything particularly different about TeenRock on Sunday except for the fact that we have spent the past four weeks in concentrated and focused prayer BEGGING the Lord to do a work in all of us.

Prayer. Prayer. Prayer.

It’s a testament to the power of prayer and to youth ministers around the country asking the question, “why won’t my kids engage?” I say to you, “Pray.” Get people to pray. Pray yourself. Pray.

Yesterday, Jeff Mangum preached on “being obedient with the little things,” highlighting that obedience is the way to peace. Courrier followed with a brand new song (no name at this point) that for all intents and purposes could very well be the first great missiological anthem that I’ve ever heard.

So where do we go from here? We continue in the direction that God is leading. We continue to heed the call and we continue to pray.