Memphis update 3

One more day of work. Had a chance to survey all of the teams’ work and I’m just astounded by the progress. Once we got over the initial learning curve of actual roofing practices, we are basically a professional roofing service now.

Additionally it has been so rewarding to see 1) these kids dialed in during lunchtime devotionals. You can tell that they’re making the connections between what many have been reading all their loves about serving and what they have been doing all week. 2) their love for the homeowners and the way that they engage them is amazing. Many of these homeowners have been living in those homes for decades and you can imagine the stories that they have. The kids are soaking it up.

One more day.

Also quick apology. I realize that many of my stories and pics have “male” bent to them. The girl leaders have twice as many stories and pics. We will post these as soon as we return.



~ by tysonjoe on June 11, 2010.

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