Memphis update 2

There are a couple of natural indicators that if you observe closely you can assess progression in student ministry.

First off and I’m not putting this first because it’s the “spiritual thing to do” – the Holy Spirit. He moves all the time and continually but every now and then there are those special moments and you must be mindful of those “moments.” For instance, sitting on a roof with two of your dudes with the sun beating down. You can choose to count the minutes down before the day is over or you can listen to the Holy Spirit and ask them about…well what He tells you to ask. When these stories are coming in droves from leaders, something is happening.

Second, nicknames. And no not mean ones. The hilarious ones. When nicknames start developing, it’s an indicator of community happening. It’s a testament to teamwork and a closeness. Parents you’ll see what I mean when on Saturday you get a recap that sounds like, “And then dp called drawers over and then he got out in the knock out game and then…nevermind.” Nicknames mean you have a community of believers


~ by tysonjoe on June 10, 2010.

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