Update from memphis

Hey all,

There’s no internet access where we are so I’m writing this from my phone. Excuse the typos.

We are safe and sound in Memphis and through with day 2 of some of the most grueling work these kids (and leaders) have ever been through. Nonetheless it has been amazing getting to serve together. For us leaders it has been amazing being able to see what these kids are capable of. They are working together – loving on the homeowners – and getting significant work done.

Before I go any further I wanted to take the time to fill you all in on our journey up here. Our first incident was an unexpected flat tire. Wade and Larry (our drivers) had gone through all the necessary checks including tire pressure but sometime between Friday and Saturday when we stopped for gas, we caught a nail. The result was a flat tire. Larry very calmly pulled the bus over without further incident. It took about an hour and a half for the tire to be repaired by a company in Waco.

Our next incident was another surprise. Somewhere between hope and little rock Arkansas, Larry plugged in the gps system into the cigarette lighter. Something shorted and the power in the bus died including the engines electrical system. The result was a gradual stop and Wade this time pulled over without further incident.

The repair on this took about 2 hours as well

All in all we made it to Memphis in 16 hours and SOS (who we are workin with) was so gracious in our late arrival.

Bus has been checked out again and we have every assurance we are good to go. At no point during the ordeal up here was I worried or nervous about continuing with these drivers and this bus.

Tomorrow is a half day of work and we will head into Memphis to taste the cuisine and see some of the sites.

Continue praying. We are seeing some amazing bonds being formed among students and we honestly could not have picked a better organization to work with than SOS. Their leaders are unbelievable and so energetic. One quick note. Every day at lunch the site leaders lead the kids in a devotional. It’s so helpful because it really centers the kids on why they are serving.

Thank you all for your trust and your prayers. We covet both.



~ by tysonjoe on June 9, 2010.

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