Inside of a whale…

Paint fumes have forced me out of my office and literally into the city of Austin.  This seems to be a reoccuring theme in my life.  Removed from a place of comfort into the epicenter of activity.  Deprived of the safety of “Christian bubble” conversations and into the vulnerability of “In the world” conversations in coffee shops and high school cafeterias. "In the world"

And I wonder why it took me so long to be broken!  My eyes were shut to the realism of the status quo.

It’s times like these that I’m reminded of Jonah.  A man who was dead-set and CONVINCED he knew what world transformation looked like.  “I wanna use THIS gift to build THIS type of kingdom.”

Thus when he is met with the unstoppable force of God, he sees his hopes, his dreams, his kingdom begin to evaporate.

He cowers.  He recoils.

“What an IDIOT?” we all proclaim as we hear this story in Sunday School growing up.  “Jonah’s so stubborn!”

“Tyson’s so stubborn.”

Believing in God’s power to transform needs to start with brokenness.  Brokenness needs to come from a place of humility and humility comes from what I’m calling, “Whale moments.”

It took a whale to humiliate and break Jonah.  It’s taking a whale to do the same to my rebellious and prideful heart but I find rest here.

You read that right.  I find REST.  This whale is NOT comfortable.  Praise Jesus for that.


~ by tysonjoe on September 11, 2008.

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