On the road again…

I haven’t spent a weekend in Austin since…July 25th (which incidentally is the last day I saw The Dark Knight…wow remember that movie?)

This past weekend, had the privelege, nay, the pleasure of accompanying the band formerly known as “anderson” to the Hillsong Conference in Houston, Texas. My purpose for being there? Moral support and to serve as facilitator of band / pastor unification / hazer.

The details of the trip will remain relatively vague simply due to the sheer implausibility of much that happened.

I will hit the highlights though…subquestion…when was the last time you saw a Highlights magazine?

10. We totally stopped to eat at Orlando’s Pizza Buffet. Where’s that and is that a popular stop? No idea and no. Complete shade ball operation. High risk…high reward? Yes on both accounts.

9. Compiling the Top 5 things you can’t say at a Hillsong Conference. What are they? Well…I’m leaving this up to mystery. Maybe one of the guys will tell you.

8. Austin’s interview with Brooke Fraser / some girl we decided would be an acceptable substitute for Brooke Fraser since the real Brooke was guarded 24 / 7 with dudes wearing blazers. I wish I was joking.

7. Brooke Fraser’s rant during her songwriting breakout session about the similarities of writing songs and going number 2 / defecating which when said with an Australian accent sounds unsettlingly not disturbing.

6. The hour and a half that it took for us to get our food at Chili’s. Chili’s…you and I are through.

5. The phrase, “I miss Rob.” You really had to be there.

4. Austin’s DEAD ON impression of Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong and then his uncanny ability to switch over to Joel Houston, music director of Hillsong (and Brian’s son)

3. Learning who we are NOT.

2. Solid unity and vision for all of us and a good takeaway.

1. Learning that it’s easy to manipulate the exterior in worship. It’s a matter of the heart and the exterior needs to reflect the interior or else…what are we doing?

Videos coming soon.


~ by tysonjoe on August 25, 2008.

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